The Black Honkeys

Brother Phil

Lead Vocals, a founding member since 2001 fronting the band nonstop since its inception.

Wil (The Thrill) Harris

Bass Guitar, also an original founding member since 2001, laying down the funky grooves.

Steven C. Tanner

Drums, has played and toured with the band since 2001, and still going strong.

Greg Czinke

Guitar & backup vocals, has played and toured with the band since 2005, tasty guitar licks.

Nicole (Ms. Groovalicious) Simone

Lead & backup vocals since 2011, as our newest addition to the show line up Nicole has become a special part of our show!

John Dash Dixon

Veteran player who has mastered the true R&B, Gospel and Funk sound. Joined the band in 2011.

Terry Clark

Trumpet, a veteran player on the Tampa Bay scene for years, has toured with the band for since 2009 and always ready to deliver the goods.

Scott Myers

Trombone, another veteran from the Tampa scene, Chicago bred funk master that has played with the band since 2009.

Billy Summer

Guitar Player, when the stage and budget are big enough, we're proud to have this critically acclaimed guitar player with us! Billy has been making appearances since 2006.